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Photography: Glimpse

Seriously Obsessed!!!! I look at my pictures every day of how beautiful my flowers were!!

I told you I wanted my flowers to make a statement and they definitely did!!



Venue: The Orchard at Sunshine Hill



I'm Tara Dixon

 One of the reasons I love being a wedding florist in Olympia, WA  is in the summer all the local farms allow me to source local flowers.  Many local flower farms grow beautiful Dahlias and other seasonal flowers.  Along with the local farms, the PNW nature is unique in itself, one of my favorite things is bringing the PNW nature into my floral designs allows me to bring more texture, color, or something just a little different just for the happy couple.   

Tara,  thank you for helping to make our day all we could ask for and more!  We really appreciate your working with all of our changes through COVID times.  You really made all the difference to help us keep calm with COVID.

Wedding Florist in Olympia, WA
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