Wedding Flowers Olympia, WA

Let's Begin!

Photography: Alaina Rene

Seriously Obsessed!!!! I look at my pictures every day of how beautiful my flowers were!!

I told you I wanted my flowers to make a statement and they definitely did!!



Venue: The Orchard at Sunshine Hill



I'm Tara Dixon

Greetings and welcome to Specialty Event Flowers! I'm Tara Dixon, and I'm absolutely thrilled to extend a warm, heartfelt invitation to you, our dedicated Petal Enthusiasts.

As you wander into our enchanting floral realm.  I invite you to join our vibrant community of flower lovers, where each bloom holds a story and every arrangement is a masterpiece of emotion and artistry.

Let's embark on this floral adventure together, where the language of flowers speaks volumes, and every petal whispers tales of love and celebration.

Tara,  thank you for helping to make our day all we could ask for and more!  We really appreciate your working with all of our changes through COVID times.  You really made all the difference to help us keep calm with COVID.