The official color for the 2020 year is pantone 19-4052, aka, Classic Blue!

Classic Blue is a timeless and enduring hue elegant in its own simplicity. Meaning it resembles the color of a clear sky able to convert from the dark blue to a bright shining sky throughout the day.

This color describe tranquil, easily relatable, and relaxed. It is an excellent color to express trust, faith, and dependable these qualities are very much needed these days.

How do you incorporate Classic Blue in your wedding, blue flowers can be tricky because you don't want them to appear artificial, but there are beautiful blue flowers such as Delphiniums, hydrangeas, blue thistle, and blue cornflower.

With these blue flowers certain foliage can enhance the color bringing in a sort of classic clash to the foliage green. For example silver dollar, seeded eucalyptus, spiral eucalyptus, and also dusty miller is pretty with these blooms.

Bridal bouquet made from multi-colored flowers