Truly Blessed

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This Wedding Season is going to be a little different from other wedding season due to COVID-19.  I have many brides moving to a different day in the fall or postponing until 2021.  I email each one of my brides and et the know it was their choice on how to handle their wedding date and Specialty Floral Design would support their choice.  I am truly grateful for my clients because they all see the need to be cautious  and think of other safety and health first.  I have compassion for my brides and I love when they show their compassion to their families and friends by postponing or doing a simple service with ten people.  My heart is full and broken for my brides because they had to change their wedding plans.  However,  I wanted to say Thank You this world is a better place and I am truly blessed.

Courtesy of South Sound Wedding & Event Magazine and photo credit South Sound Photography