This is my Story

For me, arranging flowers to inspire and spark joy isn’t just a talent—it’s a passion. As a professional florist for over a decade, I have gained extensive experience with a variety of flowers. From creating simple bouquets to lavish displays—and everything in between—floral artistry truly is my calling.

When people ask me what my favorite flower is, I tell them I don’t have one. I prefer to look at the design, consider the event or occasion, and then determine my favorite flower for that unique arrangement. An arrangement isn’t just individual flowers thrown together. It’s a complete concept that must work harmoniously to inspire and captivate.

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My favorite thing about being a professional florist is the opportunity to challenge myself and continuously learn about floral artistry. Whether I’m working with exotic tropical flowers or arranging a classic rose bouquet, my goal is to transform something that is already beautiful—the flowers—into enchanting arrangements. I regularly attend floral artistry classes to stay up to date on new techniques and trends.

I tell your story through flowers, with individuality, thoughtfulness,and innovation, adding your own distinctive uniqueness in each floral arrangement.

The Pacific Northwest, or as we like to call it (PNW) is a beautiful place to live and I love using what nature brings to us in my arrangements. We use local farms and do our best to be environmentally friendly.

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In addition to being a master florist, I am the mother to Logan, Terren, and Emma, who inspire me every day. My husband (and high school sweetheart), James, is also a constant support and encouragement to me. I’m also mom to Mr. Mac, the family dog!

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