Overcoming Challenges

viking corsage

There is plenty of excitement on your wedding day, making wonderful memories, reconnecting with family, and sharing family traditions.  This day is the beginning of your future with the person you pick for the rest of your life and these are the times we share with our families.  With that being said with all these emotions of wanting everything to be perfect for you and your guest.  Sometimes unexpected issues can come up, even with the best of plans, this happened to me on a Saturday morning while I was delivering wedding flowers for my client.


 I always put personal or jewelry flowers in the venue’s refrigerator because these flowers don't have a water source and they need to be cold and fresh to last throughout the day.  I checked the temperature of the refrigerator and it said 38 degrees, which was upon the freezing point and didn’t see any reason to place the flowers there.  I always place them in front of the refrigerator to be extra careful.  I went on to install the other flowers for the client in the venue. 


One hour later I went to check on the flowers right before I left and they looked frozen, all the family corsages and boutonnieres looked weird and had weird coloring. This was very unexpected and I was not happy.  I couldn’t leave their personal flowers for my bride looking like this.  So I hurried to my studio and remade all  the personal flowers, redelivered the flowers and placed them on the garage floor  where it was nice and cool. 


 I explain to the groom mother how sorry I was and I’d have extra corsages and boutonnieres if they need them.  To this day I don’t know which one’s they used but I left knowing I did my best and I fixed the problem.  This was a small issue and I was able to correct it and move forward.  What I have learned through all my experience is you need a professional vendor florist, catering, etc because they have learned to handle difficult issues and can come up with the best solutions.