Our booking process

wedding flowers

We try to make our booking process easy for our clients, I like to enter a contract when everything is transparent.  For this reason I would like to explain our process in this blog. 

First it does help a lot when my clients fill out our inquiry to start the conversation of their wedding.  The reason why is because it first tells me about you as a person and your colors, flowers and overall theme and lets me know if I am available for that date.  I do respond within 48 hours and ask you if you want to meet me in person or have a phone conversation.  Also I will ask for pictures or a pinterest link so I can be prepared for our consultation.  


During the consultation I take more notes and ask questions about the flowers, style, design you prefer but I also ask your dislikes too.  Sometimes by telling me your dislikes, I can narrow your overall theme better. 

After the consultation I will began to make a flower proposal with all my notes and complete the contract.  In the proposal I describe all the flowers we talk about and the design you prefer to make sure we are on the same page.  I email the flower proposal and contract to clients and give them time to look it over and to see if we are a good fit.  If you would like to work with me, I ask for a deposit and the contract to be signed and mail back to my studio.  

My clients can make any changes, to color, flower, design, or number of items until one month prior to the wedding date and after that no more changes and finally payment is due.  My clients can ask questions at any time and I will help them through the process and the day of the wedding. I give my cell phone to my clients, so they can reach me at any time of their special day.

My main purpose of this process is to be completely transparent and make it easy and fun at the same time.