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On a journey to better ourselves there are often mishaps and mistakes being made with every turn, the personal journey is a way to show you how you can better your own craft and change with the overadapting world. With every design you gain experience and become better at your craft.  I have been a florist for almost thirteen years, I have trained in two totally different shops and have had many great experiences.  But after thirteen years I have decided to take a course on Basic design training and advance design training to get my certification and have a FDI which means I can place those accurate letters behind my name. 

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Why am I doing this after thirteen year, I believe continuing education and moving forward, even though I did have my own bumps and bruises, it's my journey and this is how it’s going to be.


So the exciting news is I already petitioned for my basic design training and received my certificate through Floral Design Institute and this coming November I’m going to Portland to finish my advance training and will receive the certificate and apply to the FDI certification. The silly thing is I have already been through the advanced training back in 2010 but with the changing trends, designing practices and materials, I wanted to retake the class to better my skills and learn new methods of designing flowers.  

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What this advanced class involves is me expanding my understanding of floral theory and master contemporary techniques and design mechanics.  This class will prepare my progress in my floral career and establish myself more of a professional florist.  I will learn more about Fibonacci sequence, which is the golden measure and to master the science of design. And lastly I will learn the latest trends and techniques found in contemporary floral design today.


My floral journey will always be a continue circle, learning new methods, techniques, flowers, and design.  This field is ever changing and I love changing with it.


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