COVID-19 New Regulations

Planning for any kind of event, especially weddings, has been a difficult process these last few months.  Between understanding the new regulations from the governor which can change right before your wedding. Knowing you want your family and friends to come and celebrate your New Beginnings and not worry if someone will get sick.  It can be very frustrating, when this time in your life should be full of love, laughter, and good memories. 


First I would like to start with the New Regulation here in Washington State for weddings.


Wedding services are defined as the wedding ceremony and reception that are co-located or adjacent to the ceremony.


Weddings do not include engagement parties, bridal/groom/couples’s showers, bachelorette/bachelor parties or rehearsal dinners.


One hour wedding ceremony rehearsals are permitted in advance of the wedding day to practice the ceremony as well as to practice and review the COVID-19 safety plans of the venue and other vendors.  Rehearsals shall be limited to the couple and their wedding party, the couple’s parents, the officiant, and any necessary vendors.


Face coverings are required at all times during the rehearsal.  Rehearsal dinners are prohibited.


  • Venues meet and maintain all generally applicable requirements set forth in this document as well as the provisions that apply to the services provided by the venue;
  • All other vendors working at the wedding services or funerals meet and maintain all generally applicable requirements set forth in this document as well as the provisions that apply to the services that the vendor provides; and
  • All vendors conduct only those activities that are allowed under their county’s phase status. 


Phase 2-3 Indoor and outdoor occupancy is limited to 30 guests or 25% of maximum building capacity whichever is less, excluding vendors and their staff working at the wedding service or funeral. 


The wedding reception is limited to no more than 3 hours. Alcohol service, delivery, and consumption, including beer, wine, and spirits, must end at 10:00 p.m. 

The host of the wedding service is strongly encouraged to keep a log of attendees, and to retain that log for at least two weeks. If an outbreak occurs, this information may be critical for contact tracing to help save lives. 


Wow, that is a lot of information and boring too, if you ask me but I feel we all need to be on the same page and know what is happening while we plan for the your wedding.  So the big questions is why am I telling you this is because I get what you are going through and I want to help you shoulder this new process of planning a wedding.  You ask how I am going to help.


First, If plans changed due to the COVID-19 I will work with you, if you need to postponed because of the Pandemic I will carry your deposit to the next wedding date.


Second, If plans change with the wedding party due to COVID-19 we will change the proposal to add more flowers in another arrangement.


Lastly, If we need to change colors, flowers because of COVID-19 or just because, as long as it done 30 days before the wedding, we can change anything.


I just want all my brides to know I am with you and we will help you in any way we can, to make sure your wedding day just for you to remember and make wonderful memories to remember.

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