Wedding at Silver Cloud Hotel

Wedding at Silver Cloud Hotel

Silver Cloud Hotel

In the heart of Tacoma, Washington, love blossomed against the charming backdrop of Silver Cloud Hotel. Picture a small, yet fabulous, intimate family wedding that took place in September.

The setting was Silver Cloud Hotel, a venue that exudes an intimate charm.  This makes it the perfect choice for a family celebration of this magnitude. The small celebration unfolded on a beautiful sunny fall day.  With the venue overlooking the picturesque sound.  This creates an enchanting atmosphere that sets the stage for everlasting memories.



Wedding at Silver Cloud Hotel

The Wedding Flowers

One couldn't help but be captivated by the floral palette that adorned this celebration of love. A harmonious blend of blush pinks, whites, and greens was expertly curated. With a touch of dried flowers adding a unique texture to the arrangement. The choice of flowers, including spray roses, dahlias, classic roses, and misty, and fragrant eucalyptus, created a visual symphony.

Wedding at Silver Cloud Hotel

Ceremony Flowers

The ceremony was a testament to the couple's love story. With each bloom representing a chapter of their journey. The blush pinks symbolized the romance that brought them together.  The whites spoke of the purity and commitment that defined their union. The lush greens intertwined with the flowers reflected the growth.

Adding an element of surprise and individuality to the floral arrangement were the dried flowers.  This brought a distinctive texture and character to the overall design. This thoughtful inclusion added a touch of personality, making the floral display as unique as the couple themselves.

As the vows were exchanged and the rings were placed, the flowers bore witness to the love that filled the air. The fragrant eucalyptus served as a subtle reminder of the couple's commitment.  This always keeps their love fresh and invigorating.

Wedding at Silver Cloud Hotel
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Wedding at Silver Cloud Hotel

This intimate family wedding at Silver Cloud Hotel in Tacoma was a small yet fabulous affair.  The carefully selected floral palette, with its blend of blush pinks, whites, greens, and dried flowers.   Against the backdrop of the picturesque sound, this celebration became a timeless memory, a testament to the enduring power of love.


Florist: Specialty Event Flowers

Venue: The Silver Cloud Hotel

Planner: Blue Wings Events

Rentals: Cort Events

Photography: Tash Owen Photography

Cake: Spilled Butter Desserts