Boho Wedding Flowers

Boho Flowers

The bohemian (Boho) wedding flowers continues to be a popular wedding theme. It has been in Olympia for couple years and growing each year.  With that in mind I have learned that each boho wedding style is different. With each different style I have learned new elements of designing. 

 So let's get started, the definition of Bohemian is socially unconventional in an artistic way. I don’t know if this definition fits all my brides.  However, whoever enjoys he Boheme style this definition is a good start. 

Flowers for Bridal Bouquet

Boho wedding versus traditional


Traditional bridal bouquets are normally made smaller and that includes flowers, maybe roses.  In addition, traditional bridal bouquets can be round, irregular, or garden style. However, the Boho bridal bouquet breaks all the rules.


How does the Boho's bouquets break the rules?  These bouquets can have an assortment of berries, flowers, twigs, succulents, fresh and dried flowers, pampas grass and other grass. They are traditionally in warm earthy tones but not necessarily. 


These bouquets have a wide variety of foliage and texture, however the most important part of a bobo bouquet is the shape. It’s not quite irregular or garden style.  The end result the Boho flower bouquet shape is always in a league of its own.  

The picture above is what I consider a bohemian bridal bouquet, with its warmer tones. This specific design also includes coffee and blush roses, white orchids and a variety of pampas grasses, silver dollar and agonis.  


Wedding flowers

Boho Wedding Ceremony


This bride's wedding  was at the Silver Cloud Hotel in Tacoma, WA.    This location is a beautiful with a view of the South Sound.  

With the waterfront location you could worry about the weather, but not at the Silver Cloud hotel because they have  a covered terrace. 

Although the day started with rain, (not uncommon in Washington State) this afternoon sun came out just in time for the wedding ceremony.  


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Boho Ceremony Flowers


This circle arbor flowers had white roses, spray roses, larkspur, gerbera daisy, and  chrysanthemums.  The greenery was sala, sliver dollar, tree fern and green plumosa fern.


The Dessert shop was the Spilled Butter Desserts.  The cake flowers was coffee and blush roses, white orchids and seeded eucalyptus.  The wedding photographer efisherphoto and the wedding coordinator was Blue Wings Events.

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Boho Reception Flowers

Right after the wedding ceremony the happy couple went through the doors to their reception room.  The reception room had  large windows facing the waterfront.

Whatever your choice in flowers, colors, and style Specialty Event Flowers will love to be part of your wedding.  We are a local florist in Olympia, WA and we will deliver to the surrounding areas.