Tips on Planning A Wedding

Six Tips on Planning your Wedding

Your Wedding will likely be the biggest party you’ll ever throw- and figuring out how to plan a wedding can feel pretty daunting at first.  But whether you want a small, simple wedding or a big lavish affair, here are some tips to help you get started.

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Get Inspired

One of the most fun parts of planning a wedding step by step is gathering inspiration Think about how you want your wedding to look and feel.  Are you going for a super-classic and formal vibe? Or perhaps a wedding style that’s more relaxed and rustic.  In the South Sound, there are beautiful venues to accommodate your super-classic and formal vibe.  And with your relaxed and rustic style, there is fun barns venue with a beautiful view of the mountains.  The choice is yours, but it’s a good idea to start to gather information with the latest wedding trends to consider, wedding colors, decor ideas, and more.  We recommend starting this process early on, but kicking it into high gear once you’ve selected your venue and set a date.



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Narrow Your Date

You won’t officially set a date until you book your venue.  But we recommend choosing a few potential wedding dates before you start looking at venues.  

First, think about the season in which you’d like to wed and if a Saturday night wedding is a must.  Or maybe, you are open to a wedding on a different demanding day. Then take a look at the calendar, taking into account schedules, holidays, family conflicts, etc.. and narrow things down to a few choices dates.  Having some potential wedding dates in mind will be very helpful during the venue selection process.

Pick Your Wedding Party

Now it is time to pick your wedding party, it can be difficult but it’s time to choose the people who will stand beside you on your big day.  Remember these people will stand with you while you pledge your love to your partner through good times and bad, these people are your support group as a married couple.  So go ahead and select your bridesmaids, groomsmen, or anyone who you want at your wedding party.

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Start Your Guest List

While you don’t have to have a final guest list until a bit late, when thinking about how to plan a wedding step by step, coming up with an estimated guest count early on is important.  There’s a big difference between a 50-person wedding and a 300 person wedding, especially when it comes to your venue options.  So before you start browning wedding venues, get an idea of how many guests you’ll host.

Choose Your Venue

Now you have your inspiration, a few potential wedding dates, and an estimated guest count, you have all the information you need to book a wedding venue. Booking your venue is one of the important parts of your wedding planning.  You need to visit in person and work with your partner to find your dream wedding vacation. Once you’ve thoroughly read your ceremony and reception venue’s contract and signed on the line, you’ve officially set a date for your wedding and now the real fun begins.

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Booking Vendors

When booking vendors I cannot stress enough how important it is to hire the right people to ensure that your big day runs smoothly.  Along with hiring the right vendor, it’s important to make sure you’re a good fit with your vendors.  It is so important that all your vendors are honest, transparent, and are knowledgeable in their industry.  For example, I had a client call me about using small flowers in her drinks at the reception and what I thought about the idea.  Well, I thought it was a cool idea, however, I did give her some things to think about.  For one, flowers are mass-produced and can have many pesticides on the flowers from the farms.   I went on and told her that I wash my hands many times during the day,  before eating, and never eat at my design table.  Some florists wear gloves if they have sensitivity issues.  I told her we should move forward by using local farmers or nurseries that are totally organic and can prove it.  Another idea was finding restaurants that get eatable flowers from their food wholesalers.   By telling her my concerns she was able to move forward with this fun idea in a safer way.


Different aspects of planning a wedding can be hard for different people.  Maybe you love decor but find creating a guest list nearly impossible.  Or perhaps you love charts and numbers but find Pinterest is impossible.  But rest assured once you hire your vendors, you’ll have a team of people to assist you and you can also delegate tasks to friends and family.