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LakeWold Gardens

The Lakewold Gardens is a beautiful venue to host a wedding. There are many places to hold the ceremony from the gazebo or maybe a special place on the grounds.  Your guest can enjoy their time by discovering all the natural walkways and investigating all the gardens.

Along with the beautiful gardens, the mansion is just as beautiful. There is a stunning spiral staircase and artwork on the walls





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How did couples start booking the weddings at Lakewold Gardens?

In 1978 the estate was donated to The Friends of Lakewold.  With this donation, there is a stipulation.  The stipulation is that there is to be an endowment to care for all the gardens.  On May 7, 1989, the garden was officially opened to all.  Once it was open many couples booked their special day at Lakewold.



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Lakewold Gardens in the Spring

This bride booked her wedding for this Spring.  The day came and it was your typical Pacific Northwest weather.  It started with cloudy skies in the morning but around noon it burned off and the sun came out.  It was a perfect spring day for our bride.   I was so happy for her because she was able to hold her reception under the wisteria.

Along with the fragrant wisteria she had stargazers as her main flower. Stargazer is her favorite flower.

Stargazers have been around for a few decades.  Stargazer has many meanings it can represent optimism and reaching your goals.  They also mean Heaven on earth.  For some couples, it could mean prosperity, abundance, and financial success.



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Special meaning

I love the thought that one of the meanings is heaven on earth.  What better way to celebrate your day with a little of heaven. Another reason I loved that she pick stargazers is because of her father.

On her wedding day, I meet her father and we were talking about flowers.  He told me he always bought her stargazer on special occasions.  The bride wanted to honor her father, by having stargazers at her wedding.

Weddings are important and hold special meaning, this couple tied everything together by using flowers that have a special meaning and the Lakewold Garden to start their lives together as one.

Wedding at Lakewold Gardens