Wedding Flowers at Thornewood Castle

Wedding at Thornewood castle
Wedding at Thornewood Castle

Flowers at Thornewood Castle.

Designing wedding flowers at Thornewood Castle is an experience in of itself.  The castle is nestled on four acres at the American lake.  Built in 1908 by Chester A. Thorne, it spans 27,000 square feet. This castle was originally built for a single-family residence.  However, now it is a gracious country inn for weddings, private events, or just an overnight stay. The design and layout are absolutely stunning as the manor is in the Gothic Tudor style.



Wedding Flowers at Thornewood Castle
Wedding Flowers at Thornewood Castle

Bridal Bouquet

Bridal Bouquet

I enjoyed creating this bridal bouquet.  The bride's choice of colors and flowers is classic, yet it had a fun theme. We added a splash of bright pink spray roses but tamed the vibrant colors with peach garden roses.

With the garden roses, we wanted some texture so we added pink hypericum. The hypericum is the stem with small berries. We also included locally grown dahlias because they are in season during September.

However, what sets this bridal bouquet apart is the pink anemones. These flowers are soft pink with dark centers. The anemones do two striking things for this design.  First, the soft pink calms down the hot pink color.  And second, the dark centers really catch a person's eye to engage with the bouquet

Bridesmaid Bouquet at Thornewood Castle Lakewood, wa

After I design the bridal bouquet, I will create all the bridesmaid bouquets. These arrangements will have similar look as the bride's, but a smaller version.



These wearables are a wristlet corsage with pink spray roses, hypericum, and greenery.  I always design the corsage on a snap band, to ensure the corsage fits all sizes.

Similarly, we designed the boutonnieres with the same pink roses and greenery.  However, we set apart the groom's boutonniere by using pink hypericum with pink spray roses.


Wedding flowers at Thornewood Castle

Wedding flowers at Thornewood castle can be a challenge because it is already a beautiful venue.

Sometimes the bride doesn't know how much to order for wedding flowers, since they don't want to overpower the beauty of the venue. And yet if too few flowers are ordered they can be lost in the splendor.

Specialty Event Flowers is experienced with weddings at this venue and will be happy to walk you through the process to ensure you have what you need for your special day.

Wedding cake and flowers

My favorite part was the wedding cake flowers.  At Thornewood Castle there is the perfect spot to display the cake. It is surrounded by windows with a beautiful view of their garden grounds. This cake is three-tier with soft pink frosting. Specialty Event Flowers cascades her flowers down with roses, hypericum, and carnations.