Flowers at Orchard Sunshine Hill

Flowers at Orchard Sunshine Hill
Flowers at Orchard Sunshine Hill
Flowers at Orchard Sunshine Hill

Flowers at Orchard Sunshine Hill

These wedding flowers at Orchard Sunshine Hill were a classic fall color. The wedding palette was burnt orange, brown, bronze, peach, and with an accent of cream colors.  We also design with maple leaves, agonis, and other seasonal greenery.

Color is a very important element to set the wedding theme.  However it is just one of the elements, another element is the variety of flowers.  Flowers are the most crucial element of the couple's wedding theme.

The flower variety included Darlington cream roses, Pompeii peach roses, brown amaranthus, brown echinacea, coral dahlias, and other seasonal fall flowers.  We purchased the dahlias from a local flower farm and they didn't disappoint.

Fall Flowers at Orchard Sunshine Hill

Ceremony Flowers

With the color and flowers chosen we moved on to what type of ceremony decor this couple prefers.

The bride wanted a Triangle Arbor with a boho wedding theme.  We introduced the boho look with dried grass which included pampas grass and dried natural shells.  We intermixed the fresh flowers and greenery with the dried materials.



Wedding Flowers Olympia, WA

Along with the triangle arbor, we designed arrangements to be placed on these wine barrels.  This helps to soften the appearance of the barrels and they are a perfect place for flowers or greenery.  I love when we cascade some greenery down the barrels to give it that wild natural look.

Wedding Flowers Olympia, WA

Reception Flowers

With the Ceremony flowers and the decor decided, the bride wanted the centerpieces to reflect the fall color choices too.

She hunted and purchased brown goblets, cooking jars, candy dishes, or vessels for her reception centerpieces.

With the different sizes of centerpieces, each table was customized with flowers.  The overall look was fabulous because each centerpiece was different but still cohesive with the boho theme. We really had fun designing these pieces because they were all different and fit in with her table decor.

Flowers at Orchard Sunshine Hill
Flower at Orchard Sunshine Hill
Wedding Flowers Chehalis,WAs
Wedding Flowers Chehalis, WA

Bridal Party Flowers

We talked about the color, flowers, and the ceremony & reception decor but we haven't discussed the bridal party flowers.

This bridal bouquet was one of my favorites I have designed this whole wedding season. It was also the largest bouquet I think I have designed in my career.  The bride wanted large bouquet and she loved it.  With cream roses, peach dahlias, peach roses, I couldn't go wrong.

The bouquet was garden design style with ribbon tailing down.  This was one of my all-time favorites bridal bouquet.


Wedding Flowers
Bridesmaid Bouquet
Bridal Bouquet Olympia, A
Bridal Bouquet Olympia, WA
Flowers at Orchard Sunshine Hill
Wedding Flowers Olympia, WA