Core Values

Our core values for our business is important us.  As a business we set goals to create unique flower arrangements. We use the latest techniques & and area always furthering our education in the floral industry. We strive to always be mindful of the environment as a floral designer.


To me customer service means going above and beyond for my clients.  Each wedding is unique, as are as my clients, and that's why I provide customized services to each couple.



Education is a must to be a expert in the flower business. The reason I named my floral studio “Specialty” is because it means

Pursuit of study to which someone has devoted much time to become an expert.”

I look forward on taking more classes and continue my education in the floral industry.



I have to admit that in the past I was not thinking about how my local business might impact our environment.  However, that was in the past! Now, I am conscious of what products I use and how each one effects the environment.  Just a few examples:  As a business, we have an organic bucket for compost and I reuse items where I can.



I am fully committed to my clients - I believe in being fully transparent from the first contact to the minute your special day arrives.  You are important to me and I want to assure you that your wedding flowers will be perfect.



One thing about floral industry is it's constantly evolving with new textures, flowers, and décor. This is one of reasons I love this business - it allows me to be creative and push myself to higher standards.


Specialty Event Flowers

We respect and value the diverse life experience and heritages our all our clients. We aim to ensure that all voices are heard, valued and well served regardless of race, religion, or sexual orientation.

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