Core Values

Our core values for our business is important us.  As a business we set goals to create unique flower arrangements. We use the latest techniques & and area always furthering our education in the floral industry. We strive to always be mindful of the environment as a floral designer.


At our heart, service is our devotion to exceeding expectations. Recognizing the individuality of our clients, we specialize in tailoring our services to fulfill every need and desire, ensuring a uniquely personalized experience.



I'm constantly eager to learn more. There's always something new in the floral world, isn't there? I'm itching to enroll in new courses, explore fresh techniques, and stay updated with the latest trends in the wedding industry. My commitment lies in delivering nothing but the finest flowers for your special day.



Environmental responsibility is at the core of our floristry practice. Recognizing our impact, we've embraced eco-conscious measures. Our business features an organic compost bucket and a commitment to reusing materials whenever possible. Every arrangement we create reflects this dedication, merging floral artistry with a profound respect for our planet.



Transparency is key! I believe in honest communication with my clients, addressing your queries with candor, and, crucially, knowing when to offer alternative plans. This is a testament to my commitment to ensure an exceptional journey throughout your entire wedding experience.



Our Flower shop is nestled in the stunning heart of the Pacific Northwest, I draw unparalleled inspiration for my floral designs. Here, I diverge from traditional floristry by foraging amidst the beauty of the PNW outdoors, discovering treasures often overlooked—mosses, moss sticks, acorns, and bark. These natural elements seamlessly merge into my designs, blending nature's gifts with artistic ingenuity.  This constant exploration fuels my creativity and allows me to push boundaries, ensuring that each creation reflects the highest standards of artistry and innovation.


Uplifting Our Community

We're dedicated to nurturing budding florists by sharing insights into the floral industry with middle and high school students. Contributing to their horticultural classes not only enriches their learning but also cultivates a blossoming future for the floral realm. Giving back in this way fills us with joy and fuels our commitment to our community's growth.

Nurturing the next generation fosters growth, empowering our future floral ambassadors while fostering meaningful connections within our community.

Specialty Event Flowers

We respect and value the diverse life experiences and heritages of our clients. We aim to ensure that all voices are heard, valued, and well served regardless of race, religion, or sexual orientation.

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Tara made our wedding flower dreams come true effortlessly! Working with her was an absolute pleasure. She not only understood my vision but flawlessly brought it to life. Her expertise significantly contributed to creating a stunning, stress-free, and unforgettable wedding day for us.

Mary's Wedding 2023