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Petal Talk Blog is for everybody that loves flowers. We love flowers and want to share the latest trends, what's new, and other resources in the floral industry.  We want to help our clients have a better experience - so we have created a blog to help our clients get to know our "flower" process.  We hope you enjoy our Petal Talk Blog.

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Wedding at Silver Cloud Hotel

By Tara Dixon | November 5, 2021

Silver Cloud Hotel In the heart of Tacoma, Washington, love blossomed against the charming backdrop of Silver Cloud Hotel. Picture a small, yet fabulous, intimate family wedding that took place in September. The setting was Silver Cloud Hotel, a venue that exudes an intimate charm.  This makes it the perfect choice for a family celebration…

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Advance Floral Certification

By Tara Dixon | February 16, 2021

Tara Dixon, owner of Specialty Event Flowers has successfully completed the Advanced Floral Design study program at Floral Design Institute and is now certified in advanced floral design. Tara participated in an comprehensive program studying current wedding trends, wedding flowers, design influences and business practices in the floral industry.  This certification requires an advanced understanding…

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COVID-19 New Regulations

By Tara Dixon | October 5, 2020

Planning for any kind of event, especially weddings, has been a difficult process these last few months.  Between understanding the new regulations from the governor which can change right before your wedding. Knowing you want your family and friends to come and celebrate your New Beginnings and not worry if someone will get sick.  It…

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Exciting News!

By Tara Dixon | September 15, 2020

On a journey to better ourselves there are often mishaps and mistakes being made with every turn, the personal journey is a way to show you how you can better your own craft and change with the overadapting world. With every design you gain experience and become better at your craft.  I have been a…

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Our Credential

By Tara Dixon | July 22, 2020

I have worked as a florist for nearly thirteen years and I love my profession. I started my floral career by answering an ad in a newspaper to a local floral shop and nursery named, Pinehurst in Pocatello, ID.  My husband pursued a Master degree, which lead to the need of extra income and this…

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Our booking process

By Tara Dixon | July 13, 2020

We try to make our booking process easy for our clients, I like to enter a contract when everything is transparent.  For this reason I would like to explain our process in this blog.  First it does help a lot when my clients fill out our inquiry to start the conversation of their wedding.  The…

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Overcoming Challenges

By Tara Dixon | June 24, 2020

There is plenty of excitement on your wedding day, making wonderful memories, reconnecting with family, and sharing family traditions.  This day is the beginning of your future with the person you pick for the rest of your life and these are the times we share with our families.  With that being said with all these…

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All Flowers Are Equal

By Tara Dixon | June 1, 2020

I love all flowers, I think each flower has its own unique texture, color, and bloom.  I really don’t have a favorite one, but if I need to choose one, I would say it has to be HYDRANGEAS.  Hydrangeas come in many colors; white, green, blue, pink, and purples. They have a huge blossom and…

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This is my Story

By Tara Dixon | April 13, 2020

For me, arranging flowers to inspire and spark joy isn’t just a talent—it’s a passion. As a professional florist for over a decade, I have gained extensive experience with a variety of flowers. From creating simple bouquets to lavish displays—and everything in between—floral artistry truly is my calling. When people ask me what my favorite…

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Truly Blessed

By Tara Dixon | April 6, 2020

This Wedding Season is going to be a little different from other wedding season due to COVID-19.  I have many brides moving to a different day in the fall or postponing until 2021.  I email each one of my brides and et the know it was their choice on how to handle their wedding date…