Wedding Ceremony Flowers

Wedding ceremony flowers play a significant role in your wedding.  Flowers can set the tone, define the color pallet, and express your personal style.  Regardless of the aesthetic you want to achieve, it's important to think about the types of flowers you would like for your wedding.

Ceremony Flowers help express so many feelings such as friendship, love, trust, happiness, and many more. Once you have decided on the flowers you can incorporate them into your wedding decor.

While scrolling down you can look at the different wedding decors from several of my past couples.


Why Not Bright Colors?

Some couples are nervous about using bright colors for their wedding.  There can be many reasons why couples shy away from these colors.  However, I think these colors are brilliant for a wedding.

The bride's wedding dress popped against bright orange, bright pinks, and sunny yellow, to cool blues, and deep purples.

These arrangements can be filled with vibrant tones for a showstopping bundle, or use pops of color to upgrade an otherwise simple bouquet.

This couple chose bright colors and I fell in love with her bridal bouquet.  We designed with bright orange roses, hot pink tulips, and orange spray roses.

To ensure that these colors will not clash together.   I did the design with blush spray rose, blush sweet pea and white queen ann lace. To separate all the bright colors.

But the really cool thing about this bouquet is when I went to pick up the sweet pea from a local grower she gave me this new flower that has blossoms that were pink. This flower added texture to the bouquet and added another amazing layer to her bouquet.

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Wedding Flowers Olympia, WA
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Ceremony Flowers Olympia, WA
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White Rose boutonniere

Ceremony Flowers in Monocromatic colors

 Wedding ceremony flowers below are endless combinations of flowers available for your wedding, selecting a style made of entirely white blooms might feel uninspired. But these gorgeous monochromatic arrangements prove that sometimes less really is more.

While we'll always love colorful, bright blooms - carrying an all-white bouquet can be instant classic. Whether you favor crisp white or a more creamy ivory, there are tons of flower options to pick from when creating your single-hued bouquet.

For a romantic wedding, opt for lush garden roses, beautiful sprays of roses - you cannot go wrong with these ceremonyflowers. And don't be afraid to add filler. White blooms can blend together, but if you include accents like olive branch, seeded eucalyptus, and fragrant silver dollar, or ferns, it helps to set off each individual flower.

Evelyn and Francisco were such a fun couple to work with, I loved that Evelyn went with all white flowers, it was so elegant and it fit perfectly in her venue at the Home Course Golf Course. She was so gracious while working with me and my studio.

Photos: Jen Lynn Photography

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Ceremony Flowers in Relaxed Country Chic

Ashley and Scott chose a natural, relaxed, country-chic theme which can complement the beautiful rustic countryside and the captivating wedding where it took place.

Specialty Event Flowers relied heavily on a cascading bridal bouquet with blue hydrangeas, white gerbera daisies, white roses, and blue thistle. The decor included barn doors with flower arrangements to help give the barn doors more life and beauty, to symbolize the countryside.

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Ceremony Flowers Garden Party Style

This beautiful wedding took place at Albee's Garden Party here in Olympia, WA.  The Albee is a fun place to have a wedding with so many unique attractions from peacocks to beautiful garden grounds.
Kelsey and Josh were a super couple who gave me total freedom over their ceremony flowers.  Kelsey told me she wanted blue and white colors with roses, dahlias and left everything else up to me.  It was such a blessing to me to know Kelsey had complete faith in my designing abilities.
I loved Kelsey's bouquet with the blue thistle, blue anemone, white dahlias, and white garden roses.  The bouquet had tons of texture and I fell in love while designing her bouquet.  As I was designing their wedding flowers it fed my passion of flowers and creating something unique and beautiful, which I love to do.

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Photos: Jenny Storment Photography

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Jourdan and Jaysen's wedding was on our beautiful PNW   beaches in Seattle.  It was a beautiful day for family and friends to gather and watch two people get married.   

The bride, Jourdan had a special request about her bridal bouquet, she wanted fragrance and white garden roses.  Sometimes roses don't have a strong smell.  I told her I would use garden roses but also use lavender.  In the end the bouquet was so beautiful but the smell was heaven. I am so grateful that I had a small part of watching these two people start their lives.

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Photos: Raelee Wattenberg Photography

Sunflower arbor, Country Arch, ceremony flowers, wedding flower arch

Sunflowers and More!

Brighten up your big day with a beautiful sunflower wedding bouquet! Did you know that sunflowers follow the sun across the sky? Sunflowers symbolizes adoration, faith, and loyalty. These flowers make for a perfect wedding! Also, sunflowers make stunning focal flowers in bouquets and arrangements.  There are so many different colors, sizes, and shapes to choose from.

Sunflowers can be used on their own or a bride can blend them with other blooms.  The following are other beautiful flowers that pair alluringly with sunflowers: Feverfew Daisies, Roses, Billy balls, Eucalyptus, Dahlias, Alstroemeria, Veronica, Delphinium, blue thistle, or baby breath.

This has been a season for Sunflowers - we can’t believe how many floral arrangements for weddings we have created over the last couple weeks using Sunflowers. Bridal Bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces, and even a huge wedding archway! Luckily the local sunflowers this year were amazing and plentiful. Are you considering a wedding with sunflowers?

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White hydrangeas, white anemone, white Gerbera daisy, white spray roses, seeded Eucalyptus, Eucalyptus

Romantic Gatsby Style

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This wedding was in Centralia, Wa at the Aerie Ballroom. This is a very beautiful and romantic venue for a Gatsby theme wedding. The bride, Kaitlyn, wanted her flowers to be all white and her blooms included: white hydrangeas, white gerbera daisies, white anemone, white roses, white spray roses, with a touch of gold and black in her bouquets. 

Kaitlyn's tablecloths were black with gold centerpieces, filled with greenery and white hydrangeas.  This venue played right into her theme and it was a magical day for everyone.

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Lovely Blush Wedding

Blush is lightest shade of pink which is a popular color family. Besides blush there are many shades of pink such as dusty rose, coral, and peach.

Blush pink gives a feeling of a fairy tale wedding.  With blush coloring  you can combine with many colors.  With Abby's wedding at Olympic Country Club, she wanted  shades of blush, white, and dusty blue.  Her wedding flowers include dusty blue and white hydrangeas, dusty blue thistle, blush carnations, white roses and spray roses.  These beautiful blooms were surrounded by seeded eucalyptus and silver dollar.

Abby's Wedding was a fairy tale wedding - her special day was filled with love, friends and beautiful flowers.

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