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I think the Pacific Northwest is a beautiful area to get married. There are beautiful beaches, charming venues, and the wonders of the great outdoors.  Couples have unlimited choices with wedding flowers or locations when it comes to where they want to get married.   

One of the reasons I love being a wedding florist in Olympia, WA  is in the summer all the local farms allow me to source local flowers.  Many local flower farms grow beautiful Dahlias and other seasonal flowers.  Along with the local farms, the PNW nature is unique in itself. One of my favorite things is bringing the PNW nature into my floral designs. the PNW easily allows me to bring more texture, color, or something a little different to the happy couple.   


I’m dedicated to my client’s vision and can guide you with honest advice when it comes to your wedding decor.  I’m totally transparent with my customers throughout the whole process of planning their wedding.   However, my favorite part is when they give me their wedding ideas during the consultation and I get to transform those ideas into flowers that exceed expectations and help bring your vision to life. 




When planning your Wedding.

  • The timeline is essential and an experienced professional is a must.

  • Clients deserve and expect integrity, transparency, and knowledgeable experts to execute your wedding vision. 

  • There are so many wedding ideas, styles, and trends, which can be overwhelming

When You book with me.

  • You get a level of professionalism and trust to ensure your wedding vision is accomplished.

  • Each wedding is unique, as are my clients, and I customize my service to each couple.

  • Prompt Service is one of our core values, this means to me that there is always open communication, and no unanswered questions.

  • I’m fully committed to my clients. All of the are important to me and I want to assure you that your wedding flowers will be perfect.

Tara Dixon

Tara Dixon wedding florist, wedding flowers, florist
  • Fourteen years in Floral Industry
  • Chocolate lover
  • Mom of Almost three grown kids
  • Books lover (but now on Kindle for the enlarged font)
  • A big believer in furthering my floral artistry by learning new techniques and trends 
  • One of my goals is to help with the Rosa Day Parade